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Pincodes of College Square
Post OfficeStatePinCode
Madanapalle College Andhra Pradesh 517327
Gurucharan College Assam 788004
Nehru College Haryana 124104
Chittur College Kerala 678104
Ernakulam College Kerala 682035
Kothamangalam College Kerala 686666
Madapally College Kerala 673102
Manjeri College Kerala 672122
Mannarghat College Kerala 678582
T.K.M. College Kerala 691005
College Square Orissa 753003
Khurda College Orissa 752057
Beschi College Tamil Nadu 624004
Engineering College Tamil Nadu 600025
Sripushpam College Tamil Nadu 613503
Vasavi College Tamil Nadu 638316
Degree College Uttar Pradesh 262502
M.L.B. College Uttar Pradesh 284128
Arabic College Karnataka 560045
Dharmaram College Karnataka 560029
Vijaya College Karnataka 586103
A.S. College Khanna Punjab 141402
Basiriat College West Bengal 743412
G.S. College Maharashtra 444312
S.P. College Maharashtra 411030
Daltonganj College Bihar 822102
Deoghar College Bihar 814113
Feroke College Kerala 673632
Guruvayurappan College Kerala 673014
Agartala College Tripura 799004
Engineering College Karnataka 580031
Science College Nagaland 797002
Anantapur Engg. College Andhra Pradesh 515002
Adoni Arts College Andhra Pradesh 518302
Engineering College (KA) Andhra Pradesh 533003
Kakatiya Medical College Andhra Pradesh 506007
R.E. College - Warangal Andhra Pradesh 506004
Assam Medical College Assam 786002
Jorhat Eng. College Assam 785007
Silchar Medical College Assam 788014
Silchar Regional Engg. College Assam 788010
Alleppey Medical College Kerala 688005
Bharatha Matha College Kerala 682021
Calicut Arts & Science College Kerala 673018
Calicut Medical College Kerala 673008
Palghat Engg. College Kerala 678008
St. Xavier's College - Pallithura Kerala 695586
Trichur Engg. College Kerala 680009
Trivandrum Engg. College Kerala 695016
Trivandrum Medical College Kerala 695011
Union Christian College Kerala 683102
Bhopal Regional College of Education Madhya Pradesh 462013
Rewa Eng. College Madhya Pradesh 486002
Raipur Rajkumar College Madhya Pradesh 492003
Medical College (Bermampur) Orissa 760004
Medical College Cuttack Orissa 753007
Regional Engg. College Rourkela Orissa 769008
Rajendra College - Balangir Orissa 767002
Agricultural College Jobner Rajasthan 303329
Ajmer Regional College Rajasthan 305004
Alagappa Eng. College Tamil Nadu 623004
Govt. College of Engineering Tamil Nadu 636011
Govt. College of Technology Tamil Nadu 641013
Jamal Mohammed College Tamil Nadu 620020
Madurai Agricultural College Tamil Nadu 625104
Regional Engg. College Tiruchy Tamil Nadu 620015
Raja Sarfoji - Government College Tamil Nadu 613005
Thanjavur Medical College Tamil Nadu 613004
Theagarajar Engg. College Tamil Nadu 625015
BRD Medical College Uttar Pradesh 273013
LLR Medical College Uttar Pradesh 250004
M.M.M. Engg College Uttar Pradesh 273010
Hubli Eng. College Karnataka 580031
Hubli Karnataka Medical College Karnataka 580022
Khalsa College Amritsar Punjab 143002
Durgapur Regional Engg. College West Bengal 713209
Jalpaiguri Govt.Eng. College West Bengal 735102
Bihar Veterinary College Bihar 800014
Dhuli Agricultural College Bihar 843121
Darbhanga Medical College Bihar 846003
Kosi College Khagaria Bihar 851205
Ranchi Medical College Bihar 834009
Ranchi Veterinary College Bihar 834007
Sinha Homeo Medical College Bihar 846002
S.S. College - Aurangabad Bihar 824102
Tamil NaduB. College Bihar 812007
Tata College - Chiabasa Bihar 833202
Surat Navyug College Gujarat 395009
Surat S.V.R. College Gujarat 395007
Engineering College Berhampur Orissa 760010
Engineering College Burla Orissa 768018
Tripura Engineering College Tripura 799055
Union Christian College Meghalaya 793122
Engineering College Nagpur Maharashtra 440011
Eru Agricultural College Gujarat 396450
Arignar Anna Govt. Arts College Tamil Nadu 621201
Hospet Nehru Co-Opt College Karnataka 583203
Guru Nanak Engineering College - Ludhiana Punjab 141006
Sri Avanashilingam Home Science College Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu 641043

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